Game Pieces Gift Set with plastic case

  • $6.59

Each set full of pieces comes in it's own 70x70x20mm plastic latching case.

Food Set:
8x Pizza
8x Cheese
8x Mushrooms
8x Meat

Coin Set:
10x Gold Coins
10x Silver Coins
10x Copper Coins

Points Set:
10x Large 3/5 point tokens
10x Small 1/-1 point tokens

Weapons Set:
4x Bows
4x Guns
4x Shields
5x Swords
5x Bombs
8x Bullets

Animals Set:
2x Parrots
2x Elephants
2x Foxes
2x Tigers
2x Hawks
2x Bears
2x Moose

Resources Set:
6x Wheat
6x Oil Drum
6x Stone
6x Wood

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